Health Tips for Men

Protecting your eyes is of the utmost importance since, after all, you only have one pair and you can’t trade them in when they get worn out. Your eyes, just like all your other working parts, need certain vitamins and nutrients to thrive and function at top capacity. In our technological society our eyes strain more than ever, this is because we stare at more screens and lights, and our eyes need to adjust to these ever changing lights, as well as focus through all the glare on these screens. Making our eyes work over time is what makes the need for eye supplements so important, especially if you feel that your vision is deteriorating.

Researchers have come up with a list of completely essential eye vitamins, herbs, and minerals. While there are several I will list the top five eye health supplements here.

Vitamin A is extremely important to eye health; actually it is one of most important eye vitamins there is. Vitamin A is required for the proper function of the retina, including night vision. When we have a vitamin A deficiency it will cause night blindness; next time you hear someone complain of not being able to see at night, you will know why. Some other very important roles Vitamin A plays are: Helps your eyes adjust to changing light, and keeps them moist to prevent dryness, as well as prevents cataracts and macular degeneration.